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  • The Dominant Bebop Scale

    All of the exercises in this section will be in the key of C major and will utilise the C Major chord structure:

    C Major, Dm, G7, C maj7 or C min, Dm7b5, G7alt, Cm7

    The Dominant Bebop scale is often simply referred to as the bebop scale because of its widespread usage in Jazz music. It is made up of a Mixolydian scale with an added Major 7th. We can use the Dominant bebop scale over any Dominant 7 chord, any extended dominant chord and in any ii, V, I chord progression.

    Here is an example of a Dominant Bebop scale for G7:

    Dominant Bebop Scale

    This scale is constructed as follows:

    R 2 3 4 5 6 b7 7 R

    Or as in the example G7

    G A B C D E F F# G

    Now that you have learned both the Minor and the Dominant Bebop scale put them both into a chord progression. Take the following ii, V, I progression as an example:

    Minor Dominant Bebop Solo