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  • Bebop Dorian Scale

    This Bebop scale is derived from the Dorian mode and contains a chromatic passing tone between the minor 3rd and perfect 4th. It can also be though of as the second mode of a Bebop Mixolydian scale.

    Here is a D Minor Bebop Scale:

    Minor Bebop Scale

    This scale is constructed as follows:

    R 2 b3 3 4 5 6 b7 R

    Or as in the example of Dmin:

    D E F F# G A B C D

    Once you have this scale down try practising it over a iim7 chord or over a ii, V, I progression in the key of C major. Using the Minor Bebop scale in this way is very simple and extremely effective in Jazz Soloing and I recommend that you practice it thoroughly through all 12 keys.

    Here is an example of a phrase using the Minor Bebop scale:

    Minor Bebop Scale