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  • hook theory song wiki

    Are You Hooked On Theory?

    Music Theory Made Simple with the Song Wiki

    As a child music theory was one of my weakest areas when learning instruments. I found it difficult to relate how the notes on the staff corresponded to the notes that I was playing and no matter how many teachers tried to explain this to me....

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  • audio realism drum machine

    Audio Realism Drum Machine Plug In

    Free With the June Edition of Computer Music

    I recently purchased issue 178 of Computer Music and was inspired to write by what I found on the cover disc. What you can find there is a Roland TR-606 Emulation and a large sample library of vintage drum sounds.

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  • riffstation

    Try the Riffstation- Three Apps in One, An Awesome Practice Tool

    by Simon James.

    "....designed so that you can just play along to whatever track you want to learn...."

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