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  • frank foster

    Introduction to Jazz Blues

    by Simon James

    Jazz is a very intellectual music and to a great extent is a life's work. This may be overwhelming at the beginning but if you can ease your way into it through familiar routes the benefits to your playing are aplenty. I always encourage my students to work on their understanding of the Blues and Blues repertoire as it plays a fundamental role in almost every aspect of modern popular music.

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  • miles davis

    Using Altered Scales in a Jazz Blues Progression

    by Simon James.

    Altered Scales can be complicated if you learn them just as they are because at first glance they don’t conform to an obvious pattern when laid out on the fret board. I recommend that you learn the altered scale by remembering that it is the 7th mode of the Melodic Minor! It is other wise known as the Super Locrian Mode....

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